Astrid Martina Krenz

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The Alps

"Weil ich die Augen geschlossen hatte, ist mir das Weiss des Raums noch greller erschienen." (Albert Camus)

Pico del Teide

"Wenn man denkt es geht nicht mehr, hat man immer noch zwei Drittel seiner Kraefte." (Horst Koehler)

My family's history is signed by my father's and his family's flight from Silesia (today Poland) after World War II. The family was settled over first for a short term to East and finally to West Germany. My father worked as a bricklayer (died January 2015) and my mother as a charwoman in West Germany (died February 2019).

As in so many families, World War II changed a lot for my family who fled and left behind their properties. In the past, my family were for example merchants, they had large properties having servants and maidservants, one great-grandfather was a mayor of a little town.

Education is a powerful means to overcome poverty, suppression and to become an independent and independently thinking individual. I am striving to encourage efforts to spread education, especially to the poor and deprived. I have worked as a mentor for the initiative Arbeiterkind, which is encouraging young people to study and informing them about funding possiblities through presentations in secondary schools etc. and I was working as a volunteer for the DAAD Freundeskreis, introducing new international students and researchers to Goettingen University, organizing get-togethers and trips for them.

I do enjoy going hiking with my darling:

Barranco de Masca