Astrid Martina Krenz

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Astrid Krenz

Welcome to my website.

I am a Marie Curie Fellow at Durham University and was selected under the Durham International Junior Research Fellowship Scheme. My mentor is Professor Richard Harris and together with him and John Moffat we are working on

My research interests encompass the fields of International Economics, Regional Economics, Automation and New Technologies, Economic Development, and Labor Economics.

I have been working on a novel measure for reshoring activities, and the impact of automation on reshoring and labor market outcomes with IFR and WIOD data. You may want to check out my papers on reshoring on the following websites, or on Researchgate or SSRN.

In the past years I have assembled a large German firm-level dataset. The structure of the data is complex and required a lot of programming. I have for the first time made the German firm data accessible for detailed regional analyses of firms' location choices. Moreover, I have programmed the official German trade statistics - which come as every single bilateral transaction - to be accessible for firm-level analyses.

Contact details:
Dr. Astrid Krenz
Durham University
Business School
Mill Hill Lane
Durham DH1 3LB
United Kingdom

E-mail: astrid [dot] m [dot] krenz [at] durham [dot] ac [dot] uk
Room MHL 374

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