Astrid Martina Krenz

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We are currently setting up digital teaching. Information will be available in Studip soon.

I am invited by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) in Brussels to speak about our research on "Quantifying Reshoring at the Macroeconomic Level - Measurement and Applications" in March 2020 (cancelled due to Covid).

I was invited to the conference on Advances in Industrialization and Competition Policy - A conference honoring Prof Stephen Martin at the University of Bath in March 2020.

At the annual conference of the Royal Economic Society in Belfast in April 2020 I will present my paper "What drives the location choice of new manufacturing plants in Germany?" (cancelled due to Covid).

At the European Commission's Social Situation Monitor Seminar in Brussels in December 2019 I presented our work on "Robots, Reshoring, and the Lot of Low-Skilled Workers". Link