Astrid Martina Krenz

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My work is listed with SSRN and Researchgate

Research Grants:

Project title: "Firm-level analyses of Agglomeration Externalities, Knowledge Spillovers, and Productivity Growth", 2017-2019, ~ 100K, Marie Curie, Durham International Junior Research Fellowship, PI.

Project title: "European market integration and determinants of German firm localization", 2014-2017, 3K, Lindemann Foundation, PI.

New Papers:

What drives the location choice of new manufacturing plants in Germany?, 2019

The Effects of Absorptive Capacity on Innovation Performance: A Cross-Country Perspective, with R. Harris and J. Moffat, 2019

The Gender Gap in International Trade - Female-run firms and the Exporter Productivity Premium, 2019

Firm heterogeneity, productivity, and the extensive margins of trade - Differences between manufacturing firms in East and West Germany, 2019.

Menstruation Hygiene Management and Work Attendance in a Developing Country, joint with H Strulik, 2018, CEGE discussion paper.

Robots, Reshoring, and the Lot of Low-Skilled Workers, joint with Klaus Prettner and Holger Strulik, 2018, CEGE discussion paper.

Quantifying Reshoring at the Macroeconomic Level - Measurement and Applications, with Holger Strulik, 2018.

A Macroeconomic Measure for Reshoring and a Note on the Offshoring-Reshoring Nexus, 2018.

A Stata Code for computing a distance-based Firm-Level Cluster Index, 2018.

Work in Progress:

The Dynamics of German Industry Clustering, with R. Harris and J. Moffat

Regional Drivers of Firm-Level Productivity in the German Economy, with R. Harris and J. Moffat

The Impact of Regional Infrastructure for Firm-Level Trade and Productivity


Knowledge and Earnings - A Regional Economic Analysis for the German Economy, 2015, Conference Proceedings Regional Studies Association, ISBN 978-1-897721-51-3, 106-108.

European market integration, R&D agglomeration economies, and the location choice of firms in Poland, 2015, Eastern European Economics, Vol. 53, 491-513 (joint with A. Gehringer).

Internationaler Handel, Institutionen und Agglomeration, 2014, cege-report, 2.

Adjustment Dynamics of Countries' Specialization Patterns in the European Union, 2014, Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 21, 671-674.

Services sectors' concentration and countries' specialization patterns in services in the European Union: A comparative analysis with a special focus on France, Germany, Greece, and the UK, 2014, Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies, Vol. 14, 23-32.

Services Sectors' Concentration: the European Union and the New Economic Geography, 2013, Applied Econometrics and International Development, Vol. 13, 29-44.

Industrial and Services Sectors' Agglomeration in the European Union, 2012, e-dissertation, University of Goettingen.

Theorie und Empirie ueber den Wirkungszusammenhang zwischen sozialer Herkunft, kulturellem bzw. sozialem Kapital, Bildung und Einkommen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 2008, SOEPpaper No. 128, DIW Berlin.

Bildungsertraege von jungen Menschen aus sozial schwachen Familien, 2008, Publishing company Dr. Mueller, Saarbruecken.

Oekonometrische Untersuchungen zur Messung von Bildungsertraegen von jungen Menschen aus sozial schwachen Familien, 2007, University of Bielefeld.

Working Papers under review / being rewritten or revised:

Democracy and International Trade (joint with Ana Abeliansky), 2017, CEGE discussion paper.

Knowledge, Earnings, and Agglomeration Economies in the German Regional Economy, 2014, CEGE discussion paper.

Agglomeration of Knowledge: A Regional Analysis for the German Economy, 2016, CEGE discussion paper

Industrial Localization and Countries' Specialization in the European Union, CEGE discussion paper.

Modeling services sectors' agglomeration within a New Economic Geography model, CEGE discussion paper.